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bee swarmOnce again spring is upon us. The smell of flowers blooming, BBQ’s and great outdoor activities. It is also the start of bee swarming season. Although this can be very scary and intimidating it is also one of nature’s greatest wonders. This occurs when the main hive has become to big and a new queen has taken over.The new queen will take over the hive and the older queen must leaver or die. When she leaves some of the hive will leave with her thus splitting the hive. The removed queen will then fly until she is tired and then land to rest at this point the bees that left with her will surround her to protect her in what  everyone calls a ball of bees while her scouts are sent out to look for a new home.  Most people do not realize that during this time the bees are usually not aggressive If left alone, But like everything in nature if they are provoked the hive will defend itself to the death. But if you love to watch nature pull up a chair and enjoy the show  it is truly a remarkable sight to see. For more information on bees and there behavior or for what to do if you are attacked visit our bee page at

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